Friday, July 16, 2004

MJ Crafts Design Studio Customer Service Philosophy

Hi! My name is Jose, husband of the artist Mary and webmaster of MJ Crafts Design Studio.  You may have seen my photo in the “About Us” section, and possibly read my  bio.  I ask for your indulgence and a few minutes of your time so that I can explain to you our philosophy on “customer-service."
First and foremost, let me explain that my wife, Mary, is a consummated businesswoman who has owned and managed two flower shops at U.S. military installations.  Her loyal customers where always disappointed when they found out she was closing shop because the military was moving us again.  Now, you may ask…why didn’t you keep the shop open and have an employee manage it?  Well…we tried that the first time around for about a year; however, the customer base dropped to a point in which it was no longer economically feasible to maintain the store.
Her customers would be writing and calling her every week telling her how much they missed her, and her “special touch”.  Furthermore, the customers missed her customer-oriented attitude.  Mary would work with the customer to customize floral arrangements, gifts, or personalized creations to match and satisfy the customer’s needs. No cookie-cutter approach! Every gift purchased from her store was intended for a specific purpose.  Of course, I’m not saying that it was like this for every single person that walked into her store…I’m talking about her loyal, repeated customers, which were many. One person who was very disappointed to see Mary leave her last flower shop was the Army Post Commander’s wife…this was at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.  This lady was a loyal customer of Mary’s creations and told her how much she would miss her creations.  The Post Commander, awarded Mary with a beautiful letter of recommendation and an “Excellence Service” award.  Now, lets talk about me, as the other half of this team.  
I have been browsing the net considerably during these past months…mainly to learn how to maintain a website, as I'm not a professional webmaster.  I’ve noticed that many sites post multiple logos from third-party companies as a testimony to their potential customer that their company is a reliable business and that they will  fulfil their end of the bargain.Well...I have to tell you,  that for now you will not see one of those logos in this site.  Why?…for starters, I don’t feel the need to pay hundreds of dollars to some company so they can testify that I am an honest businessman.  I believe a person’s word is his/her bond and that should suffice.  I was raised in my family with that principle, and it was further ingrained in my personality  by my almost 24-year career as an officer in the United States Air Force.The Internet may be huge, but the handmade crafts section is a manageable, small enough sector where customers will probably find out if a business is legitimate and willing to provide adequate customer service.  
Now, I’m a flexible person and will continue to learn more about the website business…and who knows, I may change my mind if convinced otherwise…but for now, you have our words that if you are not satisfied with your MJ Crafts Design Studio creation, we will work with you, or return your money if that is the what it takes to maintain you as a customer, and you have OUR WORD on it!  

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