Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank you to all my followers!

Dear Followers...

Thank you for your interest in my art/crafts, and for your visits to my blog and website.

I promise, that I will have the site updated as soon as possible, and all my new designs available to the customers of MJ Crafts deisgn Studio.

Visit us anytime!

The "Eggypiece Collection" Masterpiece!

This "Eggypiece" is created 100% Handmade by Mary. Hand-carved, hand-painted, hand-designed detail by detail.
Decorated and embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
Mounted in a gold-plated stand and finished with a granite stone tile.
Just unique! More images soon!

Many other items/products on display soon!

Mary also creates and design jewelry!
Come back soon!

NEW Items/Products!

Check out this new card design for Easter!

NEW Items/Products!

Mary is creating a new line of cards for 2010!

The card collections are created with 100% Handmade papers, and with a variety of techniques and media.
The card shown on the left is created with fabric, and "quilting" technique.
Many other embellishments are added to the cards for that special and unique design that distinguished Mary's work.
She is designing cards for all seasons and occasions!
Visit us anytime!