Sunday, August 21, 2005

"I Dream of Jeannie" Bookmarks created for wholesale customer

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Hi there! Mary has been working very hard creating custom made bookmarks for one of our valued wholesale customers, Art Vue Galerie'. You can see their name at the top center of our partial list of wholesale customers in our "Exclusive Locations" page, in our MJ Crafts Design Studio site.

The reason for these custom made bookmarks is that the Art Vue Galerie' was named the official "I Dream of Jeannie" Gallery. This fall is the series 40th anniversary, and Ms. Barbara Eden will be visiting the area sometime during the month of September. You may see the custom made bookmarks in the "Handmade Custom Made Design Crafts" Page.

Here are some of the bookmarks:

Polymer Clay and Silver Nickel Wire 'Jeannie' Bookmarks in Display

Polymer Clay and Silver Nickel Wire 'Jeannie' Face Bookmarks

Polymer Clay and Silver Nickel Wire 'Jeannie' Cloud Bookmarks

Polymer Clay and Silver Nickel Wire 'Jeannie' Bootle Bookmarks

These crafts may only be purchased directly from: Art Vue Galerie', 225 State Road 520, Historic Cocoa Village, FL 39222 Tel: (321) 637-2787

Remember, if you own your own "brick and mortar" store and wish to add new funny and unique crafts and gifts, contact us and Mary will be more than happy to develop your idea into a tangible craft.

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