Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Fimo Polymer Clay Handmade Crafts at MJ Crafts Design Studio

Some of the interesting things about MJ Crafts Design Studio, is the artist's ability to create fun and unique handmade crafts. 
If you are ready for some fun, check out the FIMO Polymer Clay Crafts Page 1,  and  Page 2.   There are a lot of funny-looking crafts for children, adults, and specially for the "young-at-heart" adult.  There are seven major collections where you can go from these pages, which are: Bookmarks and Paper Clips,  Seasonal Snail Craft Collection Page 1 and 2 ,  Snail Pin Collection,  Snail Craft Collection, Jewelry Collection Page 1, and 2, Under the Sea "Fishy" Collection, and the "Mommy" Pins or Paper Weight Collection.   By the way, the Jewelry Collection is sub-divided into Pins, Women Watches, Necklaces and Earrings Sets, and Bracelets.      
These are just some of the handmade crafts you will find at MJ Crafts Design Studio...handmade crafts for all seasons and occasions!

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