Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Coming Up new American Handmade Crafts Site!

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The Gonzalez Family; Mary, Artist/Designer/Webmistress-creator of all Handmade Crafts and Decorated Eggs; Jose, Webmaster/Helper; and Antonio, son and craftsman in training

Coming Up…..new American Handmade Crafts Site!!!

Coming up Soon!!!

MJ Crafts Design Studio is working on a new site for the benefit of the many artists out there who do not have their own websites.

The new site, http://www.americanhandmadecrafts.com/ will be a site where these artists will be able to sell their crafts to the public.

We will let you know when we open. Keep checking back every so often.

Visit our Blogs at: http://mjcraftsdesingstudio.blogspot.com/ , and also at http://mjcrafts-designstudio.iuplog.com/

PS-Don't forget to use the Site Map and Site Map 2 if you have questions on where to look for in our site. Also, if you have a quality related site, link with us at our VIP Art-Handmade Crafts-Handcrafted Gifts Related Sites

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