Friday, August 13, 2004

Meet the artist behind MJ Crafts Design Studio

The art pieces designed by Mary M. Gonzalez reflect her expertise and skills developed by working for over 15 years in the areas of art design, graphic design, interior decoration, Special Events, Business Conventions, Trade shows, Theme parties, booth designs, and more. Her interest started as a child, drawing and experimenting with different mediums, and was perfected by studying and obtaining a Bachelors of Art degree in Visual Arts and Design. She has also taken many seminars and attended other courses related to the art and design industry.

During her off-duty time, she was always experimenting with art forms and making pieces of quilting, ceramic lamps, ceramics, porcelain, ceramic custom made orders, painting murals and paintings with different materials and techniques, and making pottery pieces for Special Events, and Theme parties for companies like Johnson & Johnson, American Dentistry, and others. In addition, she owned two stores, "Mary's Flowers & Gift shop", where she sold sell her creations and provided customers with beautiful creations for any floral need. Once she got married and had her son, she further embraced life with the happiness and hope that a child brings to a mother. Her son and husband are now her main motivation and the source of inspiration for her pieces...inspired in the beauty of nature as a symbol of birth, love and life.

Currently assigned at an overseas embassy post with hermilitary husband, she continues to develop this collection line,as well as other designs and creations to satisfy the manycustomers who enjoy her art work.

"I love my life, my son and my husband, with them, theirsupport and love, I will be creating beautiful things as beautifulas life is. For me, is much more than just creating a piece of art,it is to give a part of me in every detail and final work. No matterhow much material it takes, the most important thing is that thepiece reflects what I feel, and at the end it becomes a beautifulpiece of art. I hope you can enjoy my art work, as much as I enjoy creating it. I also want to thank God for giving me the talent to create beautiful things."

An all-around artist that creates for all occasions, beautiful and elegant items for collectors, decoration, egg-lovers, jewelry, ornaments, personal items, lamps, baby items, wedding, any theme, any season, for any taste and any store.

All work is made to order and special requests are welcome. All designs are available in all functions. For example, an eggypiece can have the same elements, colors and theme as a jewelry, ornament, lamp, etc. We are also adding to our inventory creations related to all year seasons and special occasions.

For any Licensing or special order, please call, fax, write, or email. Click here to go to the "Contact Us" page for email addresses.

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